Ambassador Rob’s Rock Challenge® Experience

Hi all!

So I finally got round to writing a Rock Challenge® Blog, So let’s start with a little bit about my experience and how I got to become a RC Ambassador. I started at school, a little over 11 years ago now, as a back stage member. I watched my teachers, fellow students and team slowly bring this 8 minute performance to life and when I first got in to it, I thought, 8 minutes, how hard could it be? Well how wrong as I! Yes, 8 minutes, which took approx.. 8 months to create, from lighting design, video design, costume design, choreography, drama, backstage props and set elements, I never expected there to be so much involved and there was and whilst it seemed a staggering amount to do, the team pulled together and we created our first RC performance as a school. We were wholesomely proud; we took it to our local event at Grantham, where we watched seven other teams perform absolutely amazing pieces and had the time of our lives. We didn’t win… or come close… but we didn’t care, we took part and tried our best.

During my final year participating for Rock Challenge®, the RC team told us all about becoming a volunteer with RC and how to apply – The next year I volunteered at my local event, which I then volunteered at for three years (described as a “one hit wonder” by one of the Rock Challenge® team, which I thanked them for, despite being unsure if it was a compliment or not.. I think it was?) Last year, I branched out (yes, oooohhh branching out!) and volunteered at Grantham, Rotherham and Grimsby Northern Finals! This year, I am volunteering at six events across the UK over 14 days and am already more excited for them, than I am Christmas!

I hear you say… Why volunteer for Rock Challenge®? Why is it so good? Well, I’m oh so very glad you asked… During my time volunteering over the past 4 years with Rock Challenge® I’ve had the amazing opportunity to work with a team of professionals to produce events and meet some amazing people. From inspirational teachers to talented students, from the Rock Challenge® team to energetic volunteers. I’ve been given the chance to learn what goes into the production of the shows and everything that goes on behind the scenes to make Rock Challenge® such a fantastic experience overall and a fantastic day for everyone involved.

I think the best part of volunteering overall is the chance to see and be a part of how Rock Challenge® changes lives for the better. The events are essentially about reducing and stopping young people getting involved with drugs, alcohol and smoking. A scheme which is at the heart of everything the Rock Challenge® and Charity; Be Your Best Foundation does. Volunteering for Rock Challenge® is something I would wholeheartedly recommend to anyone who is interested in seeing how Rock Challenge® achieves this in such an awe-inspiring way.

Thanks for reading! I apologise for the mildly lengthy post and shall try to promise any and all future posts will be shorter… (Notice, the use of the word try.)

Bye for now,

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