One of the best things I’ve ever done

I started my Rock Challenge® experience back in 2013/2014 when I competed with my local school; Kings College, Guildford. It was the first time the event was brought to Guildford and the first time our school was able to get involved and I was excited to get started with everyone! As a sixth former it was my job alongside my class and dance teacher to come up with a concept and routine that would do our school proud.

We took our performance of ‘The 5 Senses’ to G Live and as a school we had such an amazing day watching other schools and being able to show what we had come up. At the end of the day unfortunately we didn’t place in our heats but as a team this taught us we can be so much stronger next year but for myself I had the joy of being to perform on stage in front of a bigger audience then I usually do and being able perform with the rest of my team a performance that I had pleasure to choreograph.

The next year was not only my final year in sixth form but the last year dancing and being involved in Rock Challenge® with my school and so I wanted to make sure with the rest of my team we made it the best yet. So with the rest of my sixth form class we discussed we wanted to base our performance on a real life experience, so we took the concept of slavery. This piece meant a lot to all of us as we all knew it was such tough topic so we wanted to be able to portray it and show the audience we understand what slaves went through back then as they went through such a hard time.

So with our performance of ‘I don’t want to survive, I want to live’ once again we went to G Live, this year the atmosphere was even better and had so much more confidence in myself and couldn’t wait to perform again with my school. When it came to announcing the results that night I was more nervous than I’ve ever been but in the end we managed to come out on top and win the Guildford heats! This meant we were able to go on to Portsmouth for the finals and being able to perform a piece I’ve never been more proud of. The day arrived for finals and the day consisted of stress, fun and laughter as we really needed to all work together as were going up some talented schools. Rehearsals went so well and we received so much support from everyone we all knew the performance in the evening would be great. Unfortunately we didn’t place at the finals, but if it taught me one thing is that I have made so many friends and how much stronger of a team we had become and I had such an incredible experience being able to dance and choreograph the last 2 years.

I knew after leaving school I’d be upset about not being involved in Rock Challenge® any more until I found out I could become a volunteer. I’d thought this would be the best experience for me and boost my confidence even more and it did! The people I got to work alongside with have become some of my best friends now and I can’t wait to get back to volunteering with them. Becoming a volunteer has changed me and opened me up to more experiences I can get involved in.

That’s been my Rock Challenge® experience so far!
Lots of RC love!

Chloe J

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