Entry day complete! What now?

Congratulations to the dedicated and probably very sleepy teachers who woke up super early for entry day! You did it! So now that you’ve secured your place at a 2018 event, what next? Getting started on a new Rock Challenge® or J Rock™ is always an exciting time of year but it can also seem a little daunting. The start of a project is a blank page and all you have are questions. What sort of theme do we want to do? Would this story work? Is it original? How would we show that? Is it even possible to tell? Who knows, but you’ve somehow got to find a way to give your creativity a direction.

In the next few months on this blog, we’re hoping to help you along the way. We’re giving you regular posts chatting about theme, set design, costumes, planning, fundraising and so on. Hopefully what we share will be helpful and, if not, at least really interesting to read.

This blog is written and run by voluntary Ambassadors from all over the UK and with the support of UK Rock Challenge® we’re hoping to give some insight to various aspects of creating your own performance but also the wider Rock Challenge® community and what that can mean! We will be gathering examples from schools across the country with varying levels of experience and opportunity so it should apply to everyone!

We are so excited for the 2018 tour, it is going to be so amazing! With over 50 events across the UK, including a whole bunch of new events in new locations and another National Final, 2018 is looking to be a pretty exciting tour. We’re counting down the days.

So… watch this space! And to those sleepy teachers, get an early night tonight, you’ve earned it!

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