The Volunteer Diaries: Southern Finals 2018!

Some of our volunteers and Ambassadors are recording their experiences from this year’s finals to give you an insight into the event days and what it’s like to volunteer for Rock Challenge®. Here’s what Ambassadors Katy and Chelsea, who travelled all the way down to Portsmouth from Cumbria, have to say about this years Southern Finals…

We decided to volunteer at the Southern Open Final B & Southern Premier Final this year, we always go to the Northern and Scottish events so we were really excited to see what Southern was all about! The Portsmouth Guildhall is absolutely amazing, such a huge venue and being in an actual theatre makes the Rock Challenge® high feel even better!

On the first day at Southern Open Final B we were running the schools to and from their rehearsals, and then running the schools from their dressing room to the stage for the evening show, after getting lost around 10 times we finally started to get our bearings in the Guildhall. At the end of the show we also had the task of relaying the results to 2 of the competing schools, as the show was very close to a sell out the teams could not go into the theatre to listen to the results live so we had to read the results out to them in their dressing room which is always an exciting and nerve-wracking experience!

On day 2 for the Southern Premier Final we were selling the merchandise, which was great as we got to see all the Premier schools rehearse throughout the day! The morning & afternoon production meetings were absolutely buzzing! All the schools were supporting each other and the atmosphere was just crazy all day! By the end of the day we had completely sold out of Rock Challenge® t-shirts & lanyards which was great. We went out into the main entrance to sell the merchandise in the evening and offering programmes for the show for a donation which resulted in lots of money being raised for Rock Challenge®! We then once again relayed the awards of excellence and the results to 2 schools.

Overall our Southern Final experience has been a real eye opener. It was great to see how Rock Challenge® runs from their HQ in Portsmouth. The schools at the event are so different to the Northern and Scottish schools, so it was great to see a more contemporary take to Rock Challenge®. We will definitely be returning!!

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