Prep for Entry Day!

In 2019 the Be Your Best Foundation will present Rock Challenge® and J Rock ™ events in the UK. We are inviting your school to join over 300 participating schools and experience the thrill of the event next year!

Some background information: In 1996 Sir John Hoddinott, the then Chief Constable of Hampshire Constabulary, introduced the event to the UK to help young people enjoy school and live pro-active lives. Twenty-four years on the events continue to produce these results for the young people involved.

Signing up for 2019!
Entry day is next week – Tuesday 18th September!!! All interested schools will be emailed the entry form (if you have not already emailed to register your interest make sure you do this before Tuesday!).

06:00am for senior teams and 06:30am for junior/primary teams.

Spaces are allocated on a first come, first serve basis and there are limited spaces at the events, so we would highly recommend getting your form sent back as soon as possible!

IMPORTANT!! You need to call the office after you have sent the form to ensure they have received it! With so many forms being returned you don’t want yours to be missed!

These events provide the opportunity for your students to actively participate in an exciting school-based event that involves teachers, parents and communities and in so doing helps promote the school. Schools who enter each year report the events help to improve teacher/student relationships; they see a reduction in bullying; improved school attendance and see an increased enjoyment of school for pupils. Students benefit from increased self-esteem and character development and learn that they can achieve beyond expectations in anything they set their minds too.

If you would like some further information on how to enter you do get in touch. You can email our Event and Media Assistant Franki at or call us on 02392 985710.

And remember!

  1. Set multiple alarms!
  2. Coffee… lots of coffee!
  3. Plan ahead and get yourself a nice breakfast as a reward!

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