Experienced Team… How we get started!

So where to start?

Well even though the 2018 events come to an end after the finals, it doesn’t take long until you start thinking about next year, especially when your students are already talking about next years’ theme on the coach home! Being a teacher, I usually try to have a break over the summer holidays before going full steam ahead again in September, however it’s never far from my mind. Having a checklist of things that need to be organised can help ensure you so you have everything covered!

To include on the checklist …

  1. Think about a theme!
    The students are constantly coming up with ideas for themes, our school would usually hold a support group meeting during the summer holidays to discuss these & any other ideas that have been suggested as we like to have a theme sorted before the start of the school year.
  2. Soundtrack!
    Once the theme has been decided, it’s then time to think about what music/songs we want to use on our soundtrack. The music can come from a mixture of genres, it can be instrumental or contain lyrics, whatever fits the piece. The music will help with the storytelling of the piece and enhance the performance. Another thing to consider is whether we would want to include a voiceover.
  3. Getting a team together!
    If you have already taken part in Rock Challenge® you will already have a team to start with (minus the students that have left the school). However, you may want to see if any other students would like to be involved especially new students to the school.
    At our school we put notices on the school bulletin, website & around the school to tell people when “sign up day” is. We then liaise with the site staff to arrange times & venue where we can hold auditions.
  4. Auditions!
    Rock Challenge® is very popular in our school and so we choose to hold auditions. These are normally held after school & in year groups. We have our choreography team teach the students a short 2-3 min dance, then give them a week to perfect it ready for their actual audition. Students tend to audition in groups of 3 or 4 unless they are trying out for a main part for which they audition on their own. Each student is given a number & we record their dance to watch back later, so we can decide which part our performance they will be in.
  5. Choreography Team!
    The choreography team is usually made up of the more able/experienced or older dancers in the team. Not all schools have these, but we find that it is good for our students as they help at rehearsals allowing the team to be split into smaller groups to work on their section with a group leader. This also helps to develop their leadership skills.
  6. Stage Crew!
    Once the performer auditions are done, we begin the process all over again for our backstage crew. Existing crew members first demonstrate how to manoeuvre any set we have from the previous year. The potential new recruits then get to “set & strike” & perform a few basic movements with the set to see if they would want to take part as the set crew.
  7. The final team!
    Once all auditions are over & decisions have been made, a team list with parts is posted, along with dates & times of rehearsals for the students to see. There is normally a buzz in the room as students rush to see if they have made it to the team.



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