New team… Where do you start?

Things to consider when starting a Rock Challenge® Team!

  1. Support Team – Make sure you have one! This could be school staff, pupils, parents and community members. You are not super human so you cannot do everything yourself!
    Some of the roles that could make up your support team:

    • Pupil supervision
    • Choreography
    • Costume design/construction/purchasing
    • Set design/ construction/painting
    • Soundtrack production
    • Lighting and video
    • Admin (school permission forms etc. and Rock Challenge® documents)
    • Fundraising, accounts
    • Promotions – local paper/social media etc, communication with team members/parents.
  2. Check the Rock Challenge® rules and form and production books for how many people you can have as part of your team on the day of Rock Challenge®. If you have loads of helpers in the run up that’s great, but you may have to be clear that they cannot all help on the day due to the limits on team numbers. You may be lucky and some roles can be incorporated into ‘normal’ school life – is your school office happy to handle your school admin and accounts? Is there an art class that would work on costume design as a project? Also check school rules about parents/community members helping – is there additional paperwork involved with that?
  3. Physical Space – Do you have a hall that is big enough to replicate the stage you will be performing on? If yes, do you need to make sure it’s booked for your rehearsal times? Do you have space to work on set and costumes and do you have space to store these items in between times? Are teachers, parents and community members happy for you to use their classroom, cupboard, dining room, garage as construction/storage space? Remember to plan ahead as you may need that space after your local heat in preparation for the final.
  4. Money – how are you going to fund your Rock Challenge® entry? Do you charge participants or do you fundraise? Most teams do a mixture of the two. If you are lucky there may be funds within school that you can tap into or local grants etc. that are willing to donate to your cause.
  5. Pupil Involvement – Rock Challenge® can offer so many experiences for so many pupils beyond dancing but it’s worth deciding how you are going involve the pupils. For example: are you going to pick a theme for them or are you going to ask for suggestions from all pupils and allow your whole team to vote on their preferred option? Are you going to get the pupils to make their own costumes or are you going to buy in professional ones? These are just some examples of some choices from either extreme. Again, most teams in my experience go for a mixture of pupil involvement and adult management. Despite what some ‘local by-laws’ would suggest there is nothing in the rule book that says the pupils have to do everything. Work with what you have access to, if you have a dad who works professionally in music technology and offers to mix your soundtrack – go for it! Would it be even better if he allows some of your pupils to work with him so they can see the process – yes.

And now for the final bit of advice that ties most of these ideas together…

  1. Ask For Help & Advice. Yes, on the day it is a competition but all the teams appreciate the hard work that goes into a Rock Challenge® entry and they all understand that money and time is tight. So, watch other performances for ideas. Ask schools and other groups if you can borrow costumes that they are not using this year. Support each other’s fundraising events. Don’t be afraid to ask questions on the Rock Challenge® social media pages, by contacting the Rock Challenge® office and by using your Rock Challenge® Ambassadors! At the end of the day we are all involved in Rock Challenge® because we love it, we want to see as many people as possible experiencing it and being allowed to Be Your Best.



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