Happy New Year – let’s volunteer!

Hey guys! Hope you all had an amazing Christmas and New Year with lots of celebration, family, food and fun! Can’t believe it’s 2019 already but it’s time to get back to school and that means back to Rock Challenge®! We’re only three weeks away from our first heats in High Wycombe & Guildford.

The Rock Challenge® tour couldn’t happen without our Volunteers who help out backstage; producing and running our events, and all of you that come to have a great show day! All of the Rock Challenge® Ambassadors started off as Volunteers. Including me! I started to volunteer because I loved the event days so much and I wanted to be more involved. Since then it’s given me so many opportunities – I’ve obviously had loads of fun memories but I also made tons of friends and gained experience that was applicable to my studies and university applications. Not only that but I know that these skills are transferable and will be beneficial when I am looking for future jobs.

I wrote a post before about how Rock Challenge® volunteering helped me decide what I wanted to do at uni here! It has such a big impact and that’s not including the immense amount of fun you have.

I especially appreciated being able to volunteer once I had left school and was no longer allowed to perform. It’s always weird the first time you go back to help out your school because you know you’re not allowed to jump on stage with them, so having plenty of useful jobs to do to help them produce their show can be just as fun – with a lot less face paint to wash off after!

The Rock Challenge® crew and all the other Volunteers are super friendly and are always there to help you out. I have made genuine friends for life with people I met whilst volunteering.
There are loads of different things you can do as a Volunteer, from helping our stage crews, being in the production office, getting creative with video and tech, or being a runner – ensuring that all the schools are lined up in the right place for their rehearsals and performance. Wherever you are it’s always exciting and loads of fun!

Rock Challenge® needs you! They would love it if you could join our teams of Volunteers at:

★ High Wycombe – Friday 1st February
★ Stevenage 1 – Wednesday 6th February
★ Inverness Junior 1 – Monday 18th February
★ Crawley 4 – Thursday 28th February
★ Grantham – Thursday 28th February
★ Southampton 2 – Tuesday 5th March
★ Grimsby – Tuesday 12th March
★ Hull – Monday 18th – Wednesday 20th March
★ Youth Division – Saturday 4th May

If you’re keen to get involved with any of these dates then shoot an email over to charlotte@rockchallenge.co.uk 


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