Lisa Whitton

Lisa first became involved in Rock Challenge® over 20 years ago, when she was part of the team at Humberside Police who introduced the event to the area alongside BYB Foundation Director Mervyn Bishop. She has been a champion of Rock Challenge® ever since, supporting local events, working with schools, businesses and encouraging wider communities to become involved. Lisa’s proudest Rock Challenge® moment was the introduction of the Rock Challenge® Youth Division to the area.  Lisa is really looking forward to becoming more involved with Rock Challenge® this year and will be encouraging local schools to take part and support local events. Lisa loves seeing the confidence Rock Challenge® brings to the young people who take part, as they discover and learn incredible new skills from deciding upon the theme of their performance to creating stage sets, lighting, costumes and choreography, which makes them feel a valuable part of the team and school community.

First-year involved in Rock Challenge®: 1997
Most excited for: Continuing to be part of the Rock Challenge® phenomenon
Describe Rock Challenge® in one word: Life-changing