Sarah Pickles

Sarah first started her Rock Challenge® journey in 2004 (performing as a tree with Thornton Grammar School) with her first year as a volunteer in 2009. (Although selling programmes on show nights in Bradford long before that!) She’s usually found at Northern heats and the Northern Prems volunteering/running with her twin sister Rachael (if you’ve performed at a Yorkshire event in the past 10 years you’ve probably heard them give the holding bay talk many a time!). Sarah’s used her skills from Rock Challenge® events to develop a career in TV and Film Production (before recently moving into Publishing). She’s so excited for the new show season to kick off again!

First year of Rock Challenge®: 2004
First year as a volunteer: 2009
Most excited for: getting covered in glittered and to be surrounded by excited incredible performers again!
Describe Rock Challenge® in one word: Exhilarating (or do I mean exhausting?)